Shoulder Pain Relief

shoulder pain relief

Massage can help shoulder pain relief

It’s a pesky problem and it gets in the way of your normal daily life. Shoulder pain: It can be caused by sitting with bad posture, lifting a heavy object incorrectly, joint overuse (clipping a very long garden hedge for example, or painting the ceiling) or just lying on it awkwardly during the night. Of course if the pain is severe, or goes on for weeks, then see your doctor, but if you’re pretty sure you know how you caused the pain, it can be treated at home.

Shoulder pain relief at home

There are some easy ways to obtain shoulder pain relief. If you don’t have a good therapeutic acupressure mat available – a certain technique will really help you in this. The technique involves pressing and hold the painful muscle with your hand, and then moving the muscle. In doing this you can fool your brain into releasing the muscle, and you will find that using this technique you can obtain fast relief from your shoulder pain. Read the full post »


Guest Post: Control Your Drinking Now With The Revolutionary Drink Less Mind

Control Your Drinking Now

With The Revolutionary Drink Less Mind

The Perfect Way to Reduce Your Alcohol Consumption

Do you ever worry that you drink too much?  You’re not the only one, it’s a common concern for people all over the UK.  The good news is you need worry no more, as the revolutionary Georgia Foster Drink Less Mind 21 Day Programme will change your life forever.

The Drink Less Mind is a fully downloadable and completely private online programme created by the world renowned leader in alcohol reduction therapy, Georgia Foster. It aims to answer the question: ” How to stop drinking alcohol?”  As featured on Sky News, BBC radio, ITV and Cosmopolitan magazine, it has changed the lives of thousands of people worldwide and could begin to change yours today!

95% of people that have completed the Drink Less Mind have reduced their alcohol intake significantly in 21 days.  These are people from all walks of life, whether you are a housewife (or husband), a banker, celebrity, teacher, entrepreneur or artist, this program is for you.

Georgia Foster developed the Drink Less Mind after successfully treating thousands of clients for alcohol issues over the last 20 years.  She wanted to create a program that was accessible to people all over the world and was a cost effective alternative to therapy sessions (that can run in to the thousands).  Now for the price of what some people would spend on a night of alcohol, you can change your life forever – with the added bonuses of becoming more healthy and saving money!

What are you waiting for?

For the special price of £49.95 you’ll receive over 14 hours of material over 21 unforgettable days, plus Georgia’s very exclusive Alcohol Free Days smart phone App.  Read Georgia’s story and trial the Drink Less Mind for free with no obligation by clicking on this link: I want to learn how to stop drinking so much alcohol now.

Infrared Sauna Wood Factsheet

Why is the choice of wood so important when building an infrared sauna? Is it worth investing in a more expensive type of wood? Will it make my sauna last longer and perform better? These and many other questions come to mind when trying to find the right infrared sauna cabin for your home.

From a sauna experience point of view, the wood is a very important factor. At first glance, it may seem like there is not much Read the full post »

Infrared Sauna Heater Fact Sheet

The benefits and advantages of owning an infrared home sauna are well known and more and more people take the decision to invest in infrared saunasone of these to improve their health and quality of life.

However, finding reliable and understandable advice about the difference in quality, price and safety of the different products that are out there is not easy. An endless list of infrared sauna sites can be found on the internet but the information offered is often contradicting and biased to say the least.

In the post below, we have made an attempt to provide some useful information that should help with the process of picking your own home infrared sauna. Since the infrared heaters are arguably the most important part or the sauna, we decided to start with these and this post focusses on different heater technologies and what to look out for when picking a heater. Read the full post »

It has been discovered that exercising before the first meal of the day is more effective at burning fat than any time after

A recent British study has revealed that people who are looking to drop a bit of extra weight should look to get some exercise before their breakfast for the best results. It has been discovered that exercising before the first meal of the day is more effective at burning fat than any time after. Doing so means that you are burning off more body fat, helping you in your weight loss goals; it also helps to trigger a bigger reduction in blood fats that cause clogs in the arteries. Read the full post »

5 Great Leg Exercises for Women

Many men want to have huge arms, shaped pecs and muscular legs. The majority of women tend to be the exact opposite. For example, instead of aiming for muscular legs, they aim to have more toned and slender legs. As a result women are always more cautious of any type of weight or strength training. The reason for this is that they often believe it will lead to their legs becoming more muscular rather than toned. This however isn’t the case at all, in fact weight, strength and resistance training is highly effective at toning the legs. They are all much better methods than simply trying to diet and will actually help you to achieve the results that you want.


It doesn’t matter whether you have a gym membership or are planning to workout at home. These 5 leg exercises are the best ones that you can do and will help you to see results in no time. Read the full post »

5 Top Tips to Remove Dark Eye Circles

Most of us live a hectic, busy scheduled where we do not have any time to unwind and soothe ourselves. This kind of lifestyle brings with it certain cosmetic woes like dark circles which leave many of us wondering? Dark eye circles do not vanish instantly, they seem to be getting worse and you feel helpless for not knowing how to reduce those dark eye circles. Read the full post »

Treat Cellulite using your Far Infrared Sauna

Cellulite is made up of fat, water and waste and is trapped in pockets underneath the skin and only seems to affect women.Using an

treat cellulite with infrared sauna

Infrared sauna treatment for cellulite

infrared sauna will help diminish the appearance as the intensive sweating (2/3 times more than a traditional sauna) will get rid of unwanted toxins from the effected areas. Some experts in the field of weight loss and body fat say that the less body fat we have then the smaller our fat cells and then less pressure is exerted on the connective tissue. In simple terms this means that the cellulite is less visible. However, this may or may not be true. What we do know is that exercise definitely improves blood circulation in the skin and using the infrared sauna after exercise will just speed up the elimination of toxins, burn calories and reach twice the depth of heat penetration into the cellulite. Read the full post »

The 10 Most Asked Customer Questions about Far Infrared Saunas

Every day we get a lot of questions from people interested in buying a Health Mate far infrared sauna. They go frWhat is a far infrared saunaom very specific questions based on individual needs or interests to very generic questions, the answer to which can be useful to everyone. In this blog post we have listed the 10 most asked questions of the past year. Hopefully they apply to you too and by reading this, you will find out everything you ever wanted to know about our infrared saunas.

Read the full post »

My Daily Infrared Sauna Session: How an Early Morning Session Will Make your Day

As autumn approaches and that cold chill is returning to the air, my infrared sauna sessions are becoming more frequent again. Not quite daily yet, but I find myself thinking about it more and I am trying to find ways of fitting it back into my daily  routine. As I start using my home sauna more often, I can feel that I am getting addicted to it once more. It is very similar to the endorphin addiction that I get from regular running, cycling or swimming. Once you have a regular rhythm going, your body craves it and feels great afterwards. Luckily I have a cabin in the corner of our spare bedroom which allows me to get a quick fix whenever I find the time. Read the full post »

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