Tips for Using a Far Infrared Sauna

  1. In the first 4 weeks, only use your sauna 3 times a week. After that you can start using it every day if you wish.
  2. A typical session is 30 minutes. Some people like longer sessions but we recommend to start with 20 min sessions and slowly increase up to 30 – 40 min.
  3. Your Health Mate sauna will heat up to 75 C if you want it to, but an average session should be done at temperatures between 50 and 60 degrees C. To increase the effect on muscles and joints it is better to increase the time of your session than increasing the temperature.
  4. Allow fresh air into your sauna by using the roof vent.
  5. If you feel the need for more cooling, simply leave the door open until the air around you feels comfortable enough.
  6. Drink plenty of fluids prior to, during, and after your session.
  7. Take advantage of the sauna’s heat therapy effect: give yourself a hot oil treatment while in the sauna! Put oil or treatment in your hair and wrap it with a towel. After the session is over, rinse your hair thoroughly.
  8. Use at least 2-3 towels during your sauna session to protect your sauna. Sit on one towel folded over several times for added cushioning. Put another towel on the floor to absorb extra sweat. A third towel draped over the knees may aid you in comfort and is useful to towel off sweat.
  9. Towel off excess sweat during your session to help the body perspire more freely.
  10. To relieve sore and tense muscles, massage the affected areas while in the sauna to help heal faster.
  11. Do not put any lotions or oils on the body or face when using the sauna. This may block the pores and hinder perspiration.
  12. Shaving your face or legs with a razor while profusely sweating in a sauna yields an incredibly smooth result without the use of gels or foams.
  13. Do not eat anything for at least an hour before your sauna session. It is better to go in the sauna on an empty stomach. You are more likely to feel uncomfortable sitting in a sauna with a full stomach.
  14. You can benefit from the relaxing and soothing effects of a regular sauna session by going to sleep afterwards. The peaceful and relaxed state rendered by a sauna session will help you sleep easier and better.
  15. At the first sign of cold or flu, increasing your saunas sessions may be beneficial in boosting your immune system and decreasing the reproductive rate of the viruses. Consult your physician for the proper treatment and care for this or any other medical conditions
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