The Benefits of Indulgence

This week I read in the papers that Wayne Rooney is enjoying a well-earned holiday in Las Vegas. Every other international football player is preparing himself for the Euros but Rooney has been granted a bit of extra down time. Maybe it is his reward for getting himself banned, I do not know, and it is not what this post is about.

A bit of extra downtime for some footballers means partying till 2am in the clubs of Las Vegas and this just 2 weeks before one of the biggest events in their (short) professional careers.  Not that we are judging. Where and how the nation’s hope for big international tournament success spend their nights is none of our business, and again, not the subject of this article.

The world of professional sports is a funny one. We sell far infrared saunas to professional cyclists, long distance runners and swimmers. These are men and women who, in a good year, will allow themselves the luxury of half a glass of bubbly on New Year’s Eve and then quickly head off to bed at 12:15am. These athletes use their saunas to warm up before training, to improve recuperation, prevent injury and, believe it or not, to detoxify their bodies.

One could wonder who would benefit most from detoxification or deep heat and relaxation; Wayne, who took some time out to relax and have a bit of a party, or his team mates who kept up the training regime and added more lactic acid and burden to their tired systems. I wonder what the experts would have to say about this.

I have always had a gut feeling that a little indulgence from time to time is as good for you as any diet, detox or training regime. Maybe I am right and maybe Wayne was right and there is hope, still, for England to win a major tournament.

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