Hose Pipe Ban

Last week I thought this was it, the sauna season is definitely over. Let’s start focusing on healthy salads, beach stories,  the benefits of daylight saving time and other summer related wellness topics. With hose pipe bans, the driest two winters ever in the UK, global warming, etc… I thought I would not see the inside of my sauna until at least September.

Guess what, I have been using it every day since the Jubilee weekend and have been quite grateful for it too. This is not to say I do not prefer the real thing. Nothing can beat the rays and heat of the sun!

This must be the most horrible spring we have had in 10 years. The only one advantage I can see is, if it was not so cold, I would not be able to detox in my sauna and get rid of all the Jubilee excesses. At Wembley stadium for the international football last Saturday, followed by a big night in Soho. Then watching the pageant on Sunday, while stuffing my face and sipping down a bit of “hair of the dog”. Quite a full on fest on Monday eve while watching the concert. And some more food, albeit no drink on Tuesday to finish off the weekend.

So…. sauna last night, sauna this morning, sauna tomorrow. It does make you feel better after a heavy weekend. I find that especially when I do it a couple of days in a row, I can feel the benefits. Is it because of the enormous amounts of sweat that gets generated during an infrared session, or is it because your blood circulation gets a boost? I do not know but as long as  the positive effects are there, I do not care too much.

I think I am ready for the next bank holiday…



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