Who we are

Hi everybody,

We have just added a ‘Who are we’ page to our blog explaining who we are and why we are doing this.

This should actually have been the first step. And as a matter of fact, it would have been great if this would have been our first post. Call it a beginner’s mistake…

But it is never too late, so here we go:

We’re Nicola and Gert and we run a family business that has recently brought Health Mate, the world’s top brand of far infrared saunas, to the UK. We run this blog because we want to share our passion for Wellness, Holistic Health, Far Infrared Therapy and Beauty related subjects. On top of that we are quite fascinated with business start-ups and social marketing.

The main reason we decided to start this blog is because far infrared therapy is not a very well-known concept in the UK. Yet! We introduced Health Mate as a brand in mainland Europe about 8 years ago. After a few years of spreading the word and lots of explaining and information sharing, infrared therapy has become a major factor in the health and leisure industry. Tens of thousands of people now enjoy the benefits of having a Health Mate far infrared cabin in their home.

Health Mate has been in this business for over 30 years and we know how hard it is to find good reliable information on the internet about infrared therapy. Almost all the information that can be found on the web is put out there by sellers of infrared saunas and unfortunately, this information is often not very objective. The obvious catch is that we are manufactures and sellers of far infrared saunas as well. But, we have decided it is worth giving it a try. We aim to give unbiased, objective information about infrared therapy and not focus on any particular brand or product. If you are interested in our product related information,  our website www.health-mate.co.uk can give you all of that. On this blog however, we will focus on general information and information that is backed by independent peer reviewed medical studies or medical review articles. We also count on you. You, the reader, are the best judge of our objectivity. Please keep us on the right track and let us know when you sense some bias might be creeping into our posts. Thanks!

In addition to spreading the gospel about infrared therapy, we would like to include topics like holistic health, detoxification, health and beauty and wellness in general. We both have different and multiple reasons to be interested in these areas and will include lots of entries on these as well as on related topics.

Last but not least, we are entrepreneurs. We are fascinated by business start-ups, SME’s, social media marketing, etc. So you can expect to see a couple of posts about these areas as well.

There you go. We hope you will enjoy this blog and are looking forward to your comments, contributions and feedback.

Gert & Nicola

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