Our part in London 2012 Olympics

Last week, while we were visiting the Health Mate European headquarters in Antwerp, we received an email from Jon Brown, the coach of the Canadian Olympic Triathlon team. He asked us if his athletes could use one of Health Mate’s infrared therapy cabins during their three week stay in London. The Canadian Olympic Triathlon team use infrared therapy as part of their training regime to boost blood plasma volume and need to continue the therapy in the run up to the 2012 Olympics.

It speaks for itself that we did not hesitate and decided to help them as much as we can. We will deliver one of our mid-sized models, the 3-seater, to their Kingston-upon-Thames Olympic accommodation. It should be nice and comfortable and spacious enough for them to use for three weeks. After which we will go and pick it up again so that it can go back into stock for the next trade show.

As we go to install the cabin, Jon has agreed to free up some time for an interview, which of course will be posted here on this blog. I am looking forward to finding out more about their experiences with Health Mate infrared saunas. It will be interesting to hear what are the main benefits they achieve from it as athletes, how often do they use it, etc…

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