Infrared Therapy for Professional Athletes

The fact that professional athletes and sports medicine in general are some of the early adapters of infrared therapy does not have to come as a surprise. In a world where half a percentage point can make the difference between winning and losing, athletes and trainers are always on the lookout for that extra bit of help. With  infrared  therapy via the use of an infrared  sauna being a very safe, natural and accessible way of helping the body dealing with the strains of extreme training, it is not surprising that  a lot of professional athletes have become enthusiastic  users of infrared saunas.

From a quick look at our customer base, it seems that athletes practicing various endurance sports are the most likely to use infrared  therapy; professional cyclists, long distance runners, triathletes, etc… They all rely on infrared therapy as a complement to their existing training approach. Whether this is because the benefits of infrared therapy are felt most in endurance sports is not certain. It could also be that these sports are typically the ones for which the margin for improvement has become extremely narrow and the attention to detail and search for perfection in training, diet, equipment, etc… is very advanced.

The reasons why these athletes use their infrared saunas can differ, but the most cited ones are:

  • –          To help recuperation during the off season when training is very intense, or to recuperate from competition
  • –          To warm up before training and prevent injury
  • –          To speed up the recovery process after injury
  • –          To increase blood plasma
  • –          To reduce discomfort in joints and muscles like stiffness and pain after training or competition.

Most of these are based on the positive effects that infrared therapy has on muscle and joints as well as on the cardio vascular system.  A lot of scientific research on how infrared therapy influences the human body and in particularly these specific areas has been done already and hopefully, the fact that more and more top athletes are using it will generate even more interest from the medical and scientific community and result in additional medical studies on the subject.

There is little doubt that the use of infrared therapy will become more common in different segments of the sporting world as well. Maybe prevention and healing of injuries could be a factor that helps it find an entry into the world of football and rugby. In the meantime, we will keep on trying to post valid and objective information about it as often as we can.

We wish all the infrared fans participating in London 2012 good luck during the next 3 weeks. Hopefully that little extra help will make the difference for them!

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