Living with Fibromyalgia

As we reach out to fibromyalgia charities and support groups to increase the awareness of infrared therapy as a treatment possibility, we come across a lot of great initiatives and support websites. One of these, with which we recently worked together is The site is run by Maurice S Clarke and contains an impressive amount of good unbiased information on Fibromyalgia.

A recent addition to their site, which has been a great success so far, is the free “living with fibromyalgia” e-book which can be downloaded from the website. Written by the founder of Fibromyalgia-Support net this free book is based on the stages and experiences of Fibromyalgia as seen through the eyes of sufferers and their partners.This unique publication sets out in 15 chapters to give you hints and tips about how to improve your life with Fibromyalgia in it.

Everyone’s reading this FREE e-book

Practical Living with Fibromyalgia

 Living with Fibromyalgia e-book

An insight into daily living with Fibromyalgia as experienced by sufferers, their partners and carers 

By Maurice S Clarke

Visit the fibromyalgia support website to download a free copy

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  1. Hey, I just wanted to say thank you for providing this free e-book for fibromyalgia. I know this is a condition which can be very difficult to live with, especially when the symptoms of fibromyalgia can vary so much from patient to patient.


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