Olympic Delivery

So we have done our ‘Olympic sauna delivery’. Everything went smooth and according to plan and the whole unloading and setting up process took about 25 minutes. I must say our 3-seater sauna fitted in very well in the Kingston villa that is the temporary home of the Canadian Olympians.  It was great meeting the Canadian Olympic Triathlon team – Paula, Simon, their coach Jon and the rest of the team.

It is amazing how friendly and down to earth these top Olympic athletes are. Maybe it is because we are used to the celebrity status that seems to come with being a premier league footballer but the contrast could not have been bigger. Simon in particular, must be the most relaxed and down to earth athlete in the 2012 Olympics. Having said that, with one gold and one silver medal under your belt, it probably becomes a lot easier to put things into perspective.

It was great to chat to them all. In the next couple of days we will be posting videos showing the interviews with coach Jonathan Brown and Simon Whitfield, London 2012 flag bearer for Canada. They talk about  how things are going and what their expectations are for the upcoming event.  And of course, they also talk a bit about  the Health Mate Sauna we delivered and why our infrared therapy helps them in achieving their goals.

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