Infrared Sauna and Skin

We all like to look after our skin and make sure we are looking our best, well I certainly do. The key to having great looking skin is getting rid of all the impurities, making sure the texture is soft and having an overall glow. We already know that having a sauna using hot water is great for sweating out impurities and removing toxins from the body but a more effective method is using an infrared sauna. The reason why it is more effective than a traditional steam sauna is because the infrared light penetrates deeper into the skin. And, because an infrared sauna is enjoyed at lower temperatures (typically 45 – 65 degrees Celsius) the user can stay in much longer, say 30 minutes. Therefore, the combined effect of deeper heat and a longer usage time means that the body works harder to cool you down, so you sweat more – generally 2/3 times more than in a traditional sauna.

So you sit in your infrared sauna, relaxed reading a book or listening to your iPod while the deep heat allows you to sweat and remove toxins and heavy metals from the skin. After regular use, the impurities will become easy to remove and will definitely make your skin become a lot less clogged.  Using the infrared sauna also loosens the dead skin cells on your face revealing younger, fresher looking skin. At the end of the day it is those dead skin cells that contribute to the dullness of your skin.

After using the infrared sauna why not use a gentle exfoliating scrub. You will notice over time a softer appearance to your skin and a nice glow. I’ve personally been using my infrared sauna for 8 months now and I receive comments on how healthy my skin looks and have I just come back from holiday. Plus I find I wear a lot less make-up now, no need to cover up those nasty impurities (aka spots!)

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  1. Nice work, regards

  2. Couldn’t long term use of this infrared sauna cause potential damages to the person’s skin? What kind of clinical testing has this undergone before?

  3. Hi Steve, thanks for your comment.
    Quite a few people ask us this question and I think the fact that most people are now very aware of the negative effects of UV or ultraviolet light probably plays a role in this.
    However, infrared and more particular far infrared is a completely different thing and 100% safe. It is all around us, the earth, and even our own bodies emit infrared.
    Infrared light application in the form of a sauna cabin or lamps used by phsysiotherapist has been in use since the 60’s. The safety of the use of infrared therapy is completely accepted by the medical industry and more and more studies can be found focussing on the potential medical benefits that infrared therapy could have. In recent years, medical studies are focussed on pain relief, and the potential impact on conditions like arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, congestive heart failure, etc…
    Since science is convinced of the safety of infrared light it is hard to find recent studies. But maybe in the early days, people have been investigating this. I will look into it and if I find something that is relevant, I will post it here.

  4. Hi

    Just wanted to let you know that our customers really like the Health Mate Infrared Sauna’s. We let them experience the feeling and effects on their skin. We could even convince a man, who doesn’t like a (Finnish) sauna, to try the HM-CSE-3-CD Deluxe and now he want one.

    Best regards
    Saunastore Belgium.

  5. I will definitely try this!

  6. Me too… I’ve been visiting few Sauna days ago..wanted to try this infrared sauna also.


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