Treat Cellulite using your Far Infrared Sauna

Cellulite is made up of fat, water and waste and is trapped in pockets underneath the skin and only seems to affect women.Using an

treat cellulite with infrared sauna

Infrared sauna treatment for cellulite

infrared sauna will help diminish the appearance as the intensive sweating (2/3 times more than a traditional sauna) will get rid of unwanted toxins from the effected areas. Some experts in the field of weight loss and body fat say that the less body fat we have then the smaller our fat cells and then less pressure is exerted on the connective tissue. In simple terms this means that the cellulite is less visible. However, this may or may not be true. What we do know is that exercise definitely improves blood circulation in the skin and using the infrared sauna after exercise will just speed up the elimination of toxins, burn calories and reach twice the depth of heat penetration into the cellulite.

In addition to using an infrared sauna to eliminate the ugly orange peel effect of cellulite, here are some more tips;

  • Vigorous exercise, especially in the area where cellulite affects the skin such as the thighs and buttocks.
  • Eating a well-balanced diet will help the body in clearing toxins and fatty tissue that causes cellulite.
  • Massages at least once a week, along with your infrared sauna session is a good combination as they are both known to be successful in the elimination process, clearing fatty build up and therefore cellulite.
  • Drink pure water daily – at least 1.5 litres (more if exercising or using your infrared sauna). This also helps to eradicate and cleanse your system from cellulite.

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  1. Very useful blog. Keep up the good work.

  2. oh this is really good! I love to be involved in this kind of therapy and this treatment.. I believe this is really good for the health.


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