Shoulder Pain Relief

shoulder pain relief

Massage can help shoulder pain relief

It’s a pesky problem and it gets in the way of your normal daily life. Shoulder pain: It can be caused by sitting with bad posture, lifting a heavy object incorrectly, joint overuse (clipping a very long garden hedge for example, or painting the ceiling) or just lying on it awkwardly during the night. Of course if the pain is severe, or goes on for weeks, then see your doctor, but if you’re pretty sure you know how you caused the pain, it can be treated at home.

Shoulder pain relief at home

There are some easy ways to obtain shoulder pain relief. If you don’t have a good therapeutic acupressure mat available – a certain technique will really help you in this. The technique involves pressing and hold the painful muscle with your hand, and then moving the muscle. In doing this you can fool your brain into releasing the muscle, and you will find that using this technique you can obtain fast relief from your shoulder pain.

Here’s how to use this technique on your shoulder. Let’s use the example that you have pain on the top of your LEFT shoulder, on the line between where your neck meets your body and your left shoulder joint itself.

So first, sit in front of a mirror so you can see what you are doing. Loosen the clothing around your neck and painful shoulder.  Hook the fingers slightly of your right hand. Place these hooked fingers on the left shoulder at the point of the pain. Then push with the hooked fingers into the point along the left shoulder/neck line, where the pain is, and press firmly. Hold that pressure, and at the same time, move the left arm up and down. You should feel the muscle under the fingers of your right hand moving, as your left arm moves up and down. Because you’re pressing the point of pain this may feel a bit tender. Keep pressing and do this a few times, and you’ll find the tenderness subsides.  When this happens, stop moving the left arm, release the hold and lower your right hand. You should find that the pain in this area of your shoulder has eased considerably.  An easy technique for shoulder pain relief, this can be used on any muscle that is painful. A great tip for home treatment!

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