Health Mate is the World’s number one supplier of infrared sauna cabins and specialises in delivering the luxury and relaxation that having a sauna at home affords. We have been around since 1979 and our Far Infrared Saunas offer relief for a number of muscular and joint related problems such as arthritis, fibromyalgia and back pain, as well as being great for detoxification and burning calories. A session in a Health Mate Far Infrared Sauna is all about feeling fantastic and leading a fitter and healthier life.

Over the last few years, Health Mate has known tremendous success in Asia, the US and mainland Europe and has now arrived in the UK.  www.health-mate.co.uk or phone: 01252705182.

This blog is run by Health Mate UK and aims to provide objective information about infrared therapy, infrared saunas, detoxification and wellness in general.

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  1. Awesome Blogs. Keep up the great work.


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