It has been discovered that exercising before the first meal of the day is more effective at burning fat than any time after

A recent British study has revealed that people who are looking to drop a bit of extra weight should look to get some exercise before their breakfast for the best results. It has been discovered that exercising before the first meal of the day is more effective at burning fat than any time after. Doing so means that you are burning off more body fat, helping you in your weight loss goals; it also helps to trigger a bigger reduction in blood fats that cause clogs in the arteries. (more…)


5 Great Leg Exercises for Women

Many men want to have huge arms, shaped pecs and muscular legs. The majority of women tend to be the exact opposite. For example, instead of aiming for muscular legs, they aim to have more toned and slender legs. As a result women are always more cautious of any type of weight or strength training. The reason for this is that they often believe it will lead to their legs becoming more muscular rather than toned. This however isn’t the case at all, in fact weight, strength and resistance training is highly effective at toning the legs. They are all much better methods than simply trying to diet and will actually help you to achieve the results that you want.


It doesn’t matter whether you have a gym membership or are planning to workout at home. These 5 leg exercises are the best ones that you can do and will help you to see results in no time. (more…)

Interview with Simon Whitfield – Canadian Triathlon Team (Video)

This is our interview with Simon Whitfield, gold medal winner at Sydney 2000 and silver medal winner in Beijing 2008, and a gold winner at the Commonwealth Games in Manchester 2002. A few days before London 2012, Simon is interviewed by Health Mate UK about the games, his expectations and his use of Health Mate infrared saunas as part of this training.

Interview with Jonathan Brown, Canadian Olympic Triathlon Coach (video)

As announced earlier this week, the footage of our interview with Jonathan Brown is ready and can be found below. Jon is the coach of Paula Findlay and Simon Whitfield and he is the one who contacted Health Mate UK with the request to use one of our far infrared saunas during the team’s stay in London. (more…)

Olympic Delivery

So we have done our ‘Olympic sauna delivery’. Everything went smooth and according to plan and the whole unloading and setting up process took about 25 minutes. I must say our 3-seater sauna fitted in very well in the Kingston villa that is the temporary home of the Canadian Olympians.  It was great meeting the Canadian Olympic Triathlon team – Paula, Simon, their coach Jon and the rest of the team. (more…)

Jurgen Van den Broeck – 4th place Tour de France 2012 Talks about his Infrared Sauna

Here is what Jurgen Van den Broeck, number 4 in the Tour de France 2012 has to say about his infrared sauna:

HM: Jurgen, what is the secret to becoming a good Tour de France rider?

JVDB: I would say it is recuperation. In the Tour de France, you wonder everyday how you will make it to the end. Every day is a race  in itself and the speed is much higher than in other stage races. At the finish you are exhausted but the next morning you need to have recovered. This is crucial, regardless of whether you are aiming for a stage win or the general classification. (more…)

Infrared Therapy for Professional Athletes

The fact that professional athletes and sports medicine in general are some of the early adapters of infrared therapy does not have to come as a surprise. In a world where half a percentage point can make the difference between winning and losing, athletes and trainers are always on the lookout for that extra bit of help. With  infrared  therapy via the use of an infrared  sauna being a very safe, natural and accessible way of helping the body dealing with the strains of extreme training, it is not surprising that  a lot of professional athletes have become enthusiastic  users of infrared saunas. (more…)

Our part in London 2012 Olympics

Last week, while we were visiting the Health Mate European headquarters in Antwerp, we received an email from Jon Brown, the coach of the Canadian Olympic Triathlon team. He asked us if his athletes could use one of Health Mate’s infrared therapy cabins during their three week stay in London. The Canadian Olympic Triathlon team use infrared therapy as part of their training regime to boost blood plasma volume and need to continue the therapy in the run up to the 2012 Olympics. (more…)

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