Shoulder Pain Relief

shoulder pain relief

Massage can help shoulder pain relief

It’s a pesky problem and it gets in the way of your normal daily life. Shoulder pain: It can be caused by sitting with bad posture, lifting a heavy object incorrectly, joint overuse (clipping a very long garden hedge for example, or painting the ceiling) or just lying on it awkwardly during the night. Of course if the pain is severe, or goes on for weeks, then see your doctor, but if you’re pretty sure you know how you caused the pain, it can be treated at home.

Shoulder pain relief at home

There are some easy ways to obtain shoulder pain relief. If you don’t have a good therapeutic acupressure mat available – a certain technique will really help you in this. The technique involves pressing and hold the painful muscle with your hand, and then moving the muscle. In doing this you can fool your brain into releasing the muscle, and you will find that using this technique you can obtain fast relief from your shoulder pain. (more…)


Guest Post: Control Your Drinking Now With The Revolutionary Drink Less Mind

Control Your Drinking Now

With The Revolutionary Drink Less Mind

The Perfect Way to Reduce Your Alcohol Consumption

Do you ever worry that you drink too much?  You’re not the only one, it’s a common concern for people all over the UK.  The good news is you need worry no more, as the revolutionary Georgia Foster Drink Less Mind 21 Day Programme will change your life forever.

The Drink Less Mind is a fully downloadable and completely private online programme created by the world renowned leader in alcohol reduction therapy, Georgia Foster. It aims to answer the question: ” How to stop drinking alcohol?”  As featured on Sky News, BBC radio, ITV and Cosmopolitan magazine, it has changed the lives of thousands of people worldwide and could begin to change yours today!

95% of people that have completed the Drink Less Mind have reduced their alcohol intake significantly in 21 days.  These are people from all walks of life, whether you are a housewife (or husband), a banker, celebrity, teacher, entrepreneur or artist, this program is for you.

Georgia Foster developed the Drink Less Mind after successfully treating thousands of clients for alcohol issues over the last 20 years.  She wanted to create a program that was accessible to people all over the world and was a cost effective alternative to therapy sessions (that can run in to the thousands).  Now for the price of what some people would spend on a night of alcohol, you can change your life forever – with the added bonuses of becoming more healthy and saving money!

What are you waiting for?

For the special price of £49.95 you’ll receive over 14 hours of material over 21 unforgettable days, plus Georgia’s very exclusive Alcohol Free Days smart phone App.  Read Georgia’s story and trial the Drink Less Mind for free with no obligation by clicking on this link: I want to learn how to stop drinking so much alcohol now.

The 10 Most Asked Customer Questions about Far Infrared Saunas

Every day we get a lot of questions from people interested in buying a Health Mate far infrared sauna. They go frWhat is a far infrared saunaom very specific questions based on individual needs or interests to very generic questions, the answer to which can be useful to everyone. In this blog post we have listed the 10 most asked questions of the past year. Hopefully they apply to you too and by reading this, you will find out everything you ever wanted to know about our infrared saunas.


Jurgen Van den Broeck – 4th place Tour de France 2012 Talks about his Infrared Sauna

Here is what Jurgen Van den Broeck, number 4 in the Tour de France 2012 has to say about his infrared sauna:

HM: Jurgen, what is the secret to becoming a good Tour de France rider?

JVDB: I would say it is recuperation. In the Tour de France, you wonder everyday how you will make it to the end. Every day is a race  in itself and the speed is much higher than in other stage races. At the finish you are exhausted but the next morning you need to have recovered. This is crucial, regardless of whether you are aiming for a stage win or the general classification. (more…)

Far Infrared Sauna Safety

Far infrared therapy is an extremely safe type of whole body warmth therapy and a very safe way to relax and wind down. The far infrared light itself has been in use in the medical industry for decades and more recently, it is being applied in public buildings as an alternative to traditional heating systems.

The heat is gentle and therefor does not put a big burden on the human body. But as with everything, common sense is necessary. Below we have listed a few contraindications. Situations where it is not wise to use an infrared sauna or where it is needed to seek professional medical advice.
The general golden rule should always be: Whenever you are in doubt or not sure, discuss with your doctor first. (more…)

Who we are

Hi everybody,

We have just added a ‘Who are we’ page to our blog explaining who we are and why we are doing this.

This should actually have been the first step. And as a matter of fact, it would have been great if this would have been our first post. Call it a beginner’s mistake…

But it is never too late, so here we go:

We’re Nicola and Gert and we run a family business that has recently brought Health Mate, the world’s top brand of far infrared saunas, to the UK. We run this blog because we want to share our passion for Wellness, Holistic Health, Far Infrared Therapy and Beauty related subjects. On top of that we are quite fascinated with business start-ups and social marketing. (more…)

The Benefits of Indulgence

This week I read in the papers that Wayne Rooney is enjoying a well-earned holiday in Las Vegas. Every other international football player is preparing himself for the Euros but Rooney has been granted a bit of extra down time. Maybe it is his reward for getting himself banned, I do not know, and it is not what this post is about.

A bit of extra downtime for some footballers means partying till 2am in the clubs of Las Vegas and this just 2 weeks before one of the biggest events in their (short) professional careers.  Not that we are judging. Where and how the nation’s hope for big international tournament success spend their nights is none of our business, and again, not the subject of this article. (more…)

Your body at work during a far infrared session

Infrared CabinDuring a far infrared sauna session, your body will warm up gradually. In a 30 minute session, you will typically start to sweat after 8 to 10 minutes. The sweating is a reaction of your body in an attempt to cool down and reduce the heat. During this process you will lose fluids and toxins. Sweating while the body is at rest is one of the best ways of getting rid of toxins. (more…)

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