The 10 Most Asked Customer Questions about Far Infrared Saunas

Every day we get a lot of questions from people interested in buying a Health Mate far infrared sauna. They go frWhat is a far infrared saunaom very specific questions based on individual needs or interests to very generic questions, the answer to which can be useful to everyone. In this blog post we have listed the 10 most asked questions of the past year. Hopefully they apply to you too and by reading this, you will find out everything you ever wanted to know about our infrared saunas.



Infrared Sauna and Skin

We all like to look after our skin and make sure we are looking our best, well I certainly do. The key to having great looking skin is getting rid of all the impurities, making sure the texture is soft and having an overall glow. We already know that having a sauna using hot water is great for sweating out impurities and removing toxins from the body but a more effective method is using an infrared sauna. The reason why it is more effective than a traditional steam sauna is because the infrared light penetrates deeper into the skin. And, because an infrared sauna is enjoyed at lower temperatures (typically 45 – 65 degrees Celsius) the user can stay in much longer, say 30 minutes. Therefore, the combined effect of deeper heat and a longer usage time means that the body works harder to cool you down, so you sweat more – generally 2/3 times more than in a traditional sauna. (more…)

Far Infrared Therapy and Detoxification (Video)

When researching the benefits of far infrared therapy the topic you come across most often is detoxification. There must be thousands of different ways to detox and rid your body of toxins and one of the more effective methods is through sweating. (more…)

Hose Pipe Ban

Last week I thought this was it, the sauna season is definitely over. Let’s start focusing on healthy salads, beach stories,  the benefits of daylight saving time and other summer related wellness topics. With hose pipe bans, the driest two winters ever in the UK, global warming, etc… I thought I would not see the inside of my sauna until at least September.

Guess what, I have been using it every day since the Jubilee weekend and have been quite grateful for it too. This is not to say I do not prefer the real thing. Nothing can beat the rays and heat of the sun! (more…)

Tips for Using a Far Infrared Sauna

  1. In the first 4 weeks, only use your sauna 3 times a week. After that you can start using it every day if you wish.
  2. A typical session is 30 minutes. Some people like longer sessions but we recommend to start with 20 min sessions and slowly increase up to 30 – 40 min.
  3. Your Health Mate sauna will heat up to 75 C if you want it to, but an average session should be done at temperatures between 50 and 60 degrees C. To increase the effect on muscles and joints it is better to increase the time of your session than increasing the temperature.
  4. Allow fresh air into your sauna by using the roof vent.
  5. If you feel the need for more cooling, simply leave the door open until the air around you feels comfortable enough. (more…)
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