Infrared Sauna Heater Fact Sheet

The benefits and advantages of owning an infrared home sauna are well known and more and more people take the decision to invest in infrared saunasone of these to improve their health and quality of life.

However, finding reliable and understandable advice about the difference in quality, price and safety of the different products that are out there is not easy. An endless list of infrared sauna sites can be found on the internet but the information offered is often contradicting and biased to say the least.

In the post below, we have made an attempt to provide some useful information that should help with the process of picking your own home infrared sauna. Since the infrared heaters are arguably the most important part or the sauna, we decided to start with these and this post focusses on different heater technologies and what to look out for when picking a heater. (more…)


Treat Cellulite using your Far Infrared Sauna

Cellulite is made up of fat, water and waste and is trapped in pockets underneath the skin and only seems to affect women.Using an

treat cellulite with infrared sauna

Infrared sauna treatment for cellulite

infrared sauna will help diminish the appearance as the intensive sweating (2/3 times more than a traditional sauna) will get rid of unwanted toxins from the effected areas. Some experts in the field of weight loss and body fat say that the less body fat we have then the smaller our fat cells and then less pressure is exerted on the connective tissue. In simple terms this means that the cellulite is less visible. However, this may or may not be true. What we do know is that exercise definitely improves blood circulation in the skin and using the infrared sauna after exercise will just speed up the elimination of toxins, burn calories and reach twice the depth of heat penetration into the cellulite. (more…)

Infrared Sauna and Skin

We all like to look after our skin and make sure we are looking our best, well I certainly do. The key to having great looking skin is getting rid of all the impurities, making sure the texture is soft and having an overall glow. We already know that having a sauna using hot water is great for sweating out impurities and removing toxins from the body but a more effective method is using an infrared sauna. The reason why it is more effective than a traditional steam sauna is because the infrared light penetrates deeper into the skin. And, because an infrared sauna is enjoyed at lower temperatures (typically 45 – 65 degrees Celsius) the user can stay in much longer, say 30 minutes. Therefore, the combined effect of deeper heat and a longer usage time means that the body works harder to cool you down, so you sweat more – generally 2/3 times more than in a traditional sauna. (more…)

Far Infrared Therapy and Detoxification (Video)

When researching the benefits of far infrared therapy the topic you come across most often is detoxification. There must be thousands of different ways to detox and rid your body of toxins and one of the more effective methods is through sweating. (more…)

Infrared Therapy for your Skin

Following on from my recent blog post about ‘Natural remedies for healing acne’ I would like to share how my home infrared sauna cabin has also helped my skin.

My husband and I received our Health Mate far infrared sauna cabin last December. As we live in an apartment in central London, we haven’t got ample space – so for now we have the smallest model, the 1 seater (1m square) which sits comfortably in our spare bedroom. Yes, our guests love us! (more…)

Who we are

Hi everybody,

We have just added a ‘Who are we’ page to our blog explaining who we are and why we are doing this.

This should actually have been the first step. And as a matter of fact, it would have been great if this would have been our first post. Call it a beginner’s mistake…

But it is never too late, so here we go:

We’re Nicola and Gert and we run a family business that has recently brought Health Mate, the world’s top brand of far infrared saunas, to the UK. We run this blog because we want to share our passion for Wellness, Holistic Health, Far Infrared Therapy and Beauty related subjects. On top of that we are quite fascinated with business start-ups and social marketing. (more…)

Hose Pipe Ban

Last week I thought this was it, the sauna season is definitely over. Let’s start focusing on healthy salads, beach stories,  the benefits of daylight saving time and other summer related wellness topics. With hose pipe bans, the driest two winters ever in the UK, global warming, etc… I thought I would not see the inside of my sauna until at least September.

Guess what, I have been using it every day since the Jubilee weekend and have been quite grateful for it too. This is not to say I do not prefer the real thing. Nothing can beat the rays and heat of the sun! (more…)

My Daily Infrared Sauna Session

 Most days I like to use my sauna as it’s my little moment to myself, a bit of time-out to reflect! This is how it goes… I switch on the sauna about 10 minutes before I want to use it, this allows it to heat up to about 45 degrees C (nice starting point). When I go in I dim the lights (LED mood lighting is inbuilt into the roof) and switch to auto, so it blends through the colours of the rainbow (each colour has it’s own effect on your mood but I like to feel the changing colours). Of course you can just stick to one colour or plain white if you like.

I tend to take in a book with me or my iphone (so I can catch up on texts, surf the net etc). There is a built in radio/CD player with MP3 connection plus speakers in the roof and a handy remote control so I can listen to some tunes… chill-out or a bit more upbeat, depending on my mood. Then I just sit back on my bench and relax! (more…)

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