5 Great Leg Exercises for Women

Many men want to have huge arms, shaped pecs and muscular legs. The majority of women tend to be the exact opposite. For example, instead of aiming for muscular legs, they aim to have more toned and slender legs. As a result women are always more cautious of any type of weight or strength training. The reason for this is that they often believe it will lead to their legs becoming more muscular rather than toned. This however isn’t the case at all, in fact weight, strength and resistance training is highly effective at toning the legs. They are all much better methods than simply trying to diet and will actually help you to achieve the results that you want.


It doesn’t matter whether you have a gym membership or are planning to workout at home. These 5 leg exercises are the best ones that you can do and will help you to see results in no time. (more…)

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