It has been discovered that exercising before the first meal of the day is more effective at burning fat than any time after

A recent British study has revealed that people who are looking to drop a bit of extra weight should look to get some exercise before their breakfast for the best results. It has been discovered that exercising before the first meal of the day is more effective at burning fat than any time after. Doing so means that you are burning off more body fat, helping you in your weight loss goals; it also helps to trigger a bigger reduction in blood fats that cause clogs in the arteries.

For a number of years there have been arguments around whether it is advisable to exercise on an empty stomach or if you should do it after a meal. The research carried out at Glasgow University by Dr Jason Gill discussed that although exercise at any point in the day is good for you, doing it before breakfast may be of additional benefit, as it forces your body to rely on its fat stores to give you the energy needed for your activities. Dr Gill also added that when people discuss losing weight, what they are really referring to is losing some body fat helping to show the benefits of exercising before eating.

The study was conducted in laboratory conditions at the university’s Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences, with ten men making three visits and were given breakfast at each visit. At the initial visit the men did not take part in any exercise; at the second they were required to do an hour’s brisk walking before breakfast; on the third the same activity was done only after breakfast. To be expected, those that exercised burnt off more fat than those who just sat around. The more surprising results were that those who did their walk before breakfast burned up to 33% more body fat than those who exercised after breakfast. It was also revealed that the levels of blood fats, that increase the risk of heart disease, were lower in the pre-breakfast exercise group.

Although the tests only used brisk walking as their research activity, more demanding exercise can be done safely on an empty stomach. Reserves in a person’s body can provide enough energy for around 90 minutes to two hours of exercise. It should be noted that if you just can’t face doing exercise on an empty stomach that’s fine; what matters is that a person is actually getting exercise instead of doing nothing.

If a person is going to exercise, then it has been shown that there are benefits to undertaking it on an empty stomach. If even the thought of doing something before your choice breakfast brings you out in a sweat, just do it after – you will still be reaping great rewards of doing some kind of exercise. It should be pointed out that no matter when you decide to take your exercise; weight loss is generally a slow process. Those who exercised before breakfast only burnt off an additional tenth of a pound compared to those who took a more leisurely approach to their exercise.

Gareth writes on behalf of AXA PPP healthcare and writes on a number of health matters including health and fitness as well as private healthcare and dental insurance topics

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  1. Greetings from across the ocean! This is just what I was looking for, and you did it well. Thankyou

  2. Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for the post! I actually always wondered when the best time of the day was to workout. I usually get in to the gym later in the day, and I have seen good results from that. However, whenever I can get a good workout in early, I always feel really good for the rest of the day.


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